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Why use Checked and Vetted

Why use Checked and Vetted ?

It's common sense - we help you minimise the risk of getting hassle, poor workmanship or being ripped off.

Checked and Vetted are a group of proud North East companies standing together against the cowboys and poor quality workmanship.

We are the ONLY organisation in the UK that meets, checks, vets and verifies EVERY company before they are invited to join.

All our members have the appropriate insurance, qualifications and a proven good track record and reputation.

Checked and Vetted members will do a good job - that's why they want you to submit a job report to us when they are finished, and we published on their profile – so the next person searching can see what you thought of them before they call them.

All this means that you get the choice of the best local companies, you know exactly who you will be dealing with and you know they all have great track records – minimising your risk of hassle, poor workmanship or being ripped off.

Recommend a Tradesman andGet

If you recommend a tradesman to us who is not already a member of Checked and Vetted and they join as a result, we will send you £20 as a thank you.

Code of Conduct

All our members sign a code of conduct whereby they promise the following:-



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Sure Building Maintenance
Sure Building maintenance are a Approved fitters of EPDM rubber roof systems with 20 years guarantee